Attempted to Ford the River on the Oregon Trail: The Oregon Chronicles Part I

This is a tale of two Oregons. The good Oregon and the winter Oregon. Oregon is one of the most scenic states in the US. And because of my most fabulous of jobs I was fortunate enough to visit this fair state twice last year. This is Part I of my Oregon chronicles.

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Welcome to the Crescent City: New Orleans, LA

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. Photo courtesy of

Home of the Saints, crawfish gumbo, “The Hurricane”, Mardi Gras and the birthplace of Lil’ Wayne. I fell in love with this city over my Labor Day trip in 2018 and it has become my favorite southern city. On my 3rd trip to the bayou I wanted something more. This time with my partying days behind me (mostly) and my collection of beads firmly stashed away. I was able to see the real city in all its Southern gothic glory, without the parties, and parades, and throngs of semi-naked people. And it was everrryyything. Continue reading “Welcome to the Crescent City: New Orleans, LA”

Livin La Vida Pura! San Jose, Costa Rica

Pura Vida!

Sign of Costa Rica
Courtesty of

Whohooo! My first travel blog post 🙂 I am so excited to write about this trip. Costa Rica has been on my wish list for many years for places to visit. Rainforests, volcanoes, ziplines, year-round tropical weather and cute little sloths. Oh yeah!  I was all about Costa Rica, it was my dream country. I would have moved here site unseen given the chance.  Come and find out if the reality lived up to the dream.

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